Certificate course: Promoting Effective Use of Medicines in Public Health Programs

Certificate course: Promoting Effective Use of Medicines in Public Health Programs

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Course duration: 2 months

Course fee: $400

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Who is this course ideal for?

The course would be open to:
• Applicants currently engaged in public health related activities
• Applicants with graduate/post-graduate qualifications, and working within procurement and supply chain management, healthcare administration or pharmaceutical functions
• Candidates with relevant work experience in public health with governmental and/or health related organizations/ NGOs would be preferred

How this course empowers you:

• Opportunities with leading organizations (UN organisations and MoHs)
• On-demand mentorship On PSCM subjects related to Public Health
• Holistic understanding of supply chain - Empower Yourself for Global Health Leadership


Understand the concepts of rational medicines use, its impact upon availability and efficacy of a public health system. Recognize the major steps needed to implement the PSM elements of an effective Rational Medication Use strategy and the roles of the major players. 

Course contents:

• Understanding Rational Use
• Examples of Irrational Medicine Use
• Adverse Impact of Irrational Medicine Use
• Factors Underlying Irrational Use
• Strategies to Improve Medicine Use
• Developing a Strategy
• Promoting Treatment Adherence
• Why Pharmacovigilance Is Important
• Assessment

Teaching modality:

• Course language - English
• The course is broken into 7 chapters and 1 final assessment to qualify for a Certificate
• Pre-recorded lectures (chapter wise), case studies, quizzes and self-learning materials
• e-mail tutorial support and group discussion through web based system

Evaluation and assessment:

Students will be evaluated throughout the tenure of course with multiple choice questions. 

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